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Recorded and mixed in 2013 by Randy Pasquarella in Hopewell Junction, NY


released May 15, 2014




all rights reserved


Endless Connecticut


RIP 2011-2014

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Track Name: Cult
They know the time is now, get up and save yourselves
We know the time is now, we need to save ourselves
Force my way through all the bullshit and ignorance
I see the world for what really is
No veils can blind me, no gods can bind me
This is not the world that I was raised to know
All the choices and freedom, it's fucking gone
You won't hold me back
Even though I've let this go a thousand times
I still watch you die every night
Is anyone out there, is anybody listening?
Please show me a sign that you can hear me
Can you hear me?
I will write my own history
You can't tell me what I need to think
Track Name: Prophecies
I look in the mirror, I see everything I hate
You created a monster, you brought out the worst in me
I played it out over and over all in my head
I never asked for any of this, I never asked for your forgiveness
Just because I don't believe in your lies
Doesn't mean I don't have a mind
You dug your own fucking grave, lie down and wait
How dare you persecute me for my own beliefs
Judge me for sins you commit yourself
I'll see you in hell
I've lived long enough to know this world is not how it seems
I will never believe all of your prophecies
Track Name: Born Dead
Ignorance and arrogance go hand in fucking hand
You claim to be holy but I know you're worthless
Your words are as hollow as your head
If you don't think we burn when we're all dead
I've died one thousand times and I'll die one thousand more
Before I pray to a god who's abandoned this world
Time after time you cross the fucking line
No love, creator
No hope or savior
We're all born to die, we are bred to fade away
That's why I'll never waste my time praying
I won't stay silent against your ignorance
We're all damned to hell, we're all born dead
This world doesn't need more people like you
Destroying what we know to be true
Track Name: Takers
Only for a second did I lose my edge
Thinking of myself when it should have been you instead
I was so selfish, I was so careless
You were always there for me but I was never there for you
I couldn't see through my own problems
I take it all back
If I could, you know I would be there for you through it all
I will never let you down again
You, my oldest friend
The bond between us is broken and bent
These wounds will never mend
If I could take it back, you know I would
It's all for you, everything I ever do
So don't give up on me just yet, I won't give up on you
Track Name: Meaningless
This life is meaningless
You need to realize what you'll miss
Living inside your lies
This world has made you blind
Track Name: Dead Ends
There are so many things I need to say to you
I'm screaming out but these words aren't getting through
You left me behind, you left me for dead
When I said forever I meant until the fucking end
No remorse, I am finally free
From the chains you used to bind me
Everything's different, I'm making a change
Finding ways to become me
Letting go of everything I used to know
I still see no light
I waited on you for so many years
And now you've turned into everything I've ever feared
This is the lowest I've ever fucking been
And now I'm ready to give in
This is the darkest side of me
These are the things you're not meant to see
I gave you everything and you still stole my life from me
No remorse, I am finally free
From the chains you used to bind me
Take me back to who I used to be
Before I ever had these memories
And every word you've ever said still echoes in my head
Track Name: Condemned
You think you have all the answers
But you couldn't be more wrong
They have you deceived, thinking you're free
I'll never believe all the lies you tell me
Sinking their claws deeper and deeper into your thoughts
I'll never put my life on the line to feed your power mind
I'm living my life and I'm living it free
Some things will never change
The way we live our lives and who we want to be
Some things will never change
I'll never let you take control of me
Now look in our eyes, we're all dead inside
Show me your way of life and I'll show you this whole time
You've been following the blind, how can you believe their lies?
Can't you see this is not the way we were meant to live?
I base my life off these beliefs
Don't fucking tread on me